How to Make Cold Brew Coffee With A French Press

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March 21, 2015
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee With A French Press

Do you know how to make coffee at home using a French press?

Using a French press might just be the best way ever to make cold brew coffee for friends, family, and yourself. Surprise them with this and they will surely keep coming back for more! Just remember to keep your French press ready at all times!

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee With A French Press

Iced coffee vs Cold brew:

During the summer months, you might be wondering how to get your daily fix of caffeine without getting more heated up than it is already! For coffee lovers, iced coffee is the popular option to keep enjoying your cup of coffee at home during the summer. While iced coffee is easy to make, with just the addition of ice cubes to a brew of hot coffee that has cooled down, cold brew, on the other hand requires more time and effort. However, with a French press at hand, this should be a walk in the park for you!

Cold brew coffee is made with coffee beans that have been immersed in cold water in order to release the compounds in them gradually. Some people immerse coffee beans in this way for anything from 12 to 24 hours! Whatever rocks your cup of coffee is the way to go!

There are several healthy benefits to a cold brew. Chief among this is that no oils are released during the process of immersion or extraction. Also, the flavor released by the slow-immersion method gives you a mellow taste that is sure to take you to coffee heaven! Cold brews can also last up to 2 weeks in the fridge, so you don’t have to take the time to make a cup every day!

The How-To:

  • The first step to making a soul satisfying cold brew lies in the coffee beans. Freshly roasted coffee beans cannot be substituted!
  • The coffee beans should be ground to a consistency that is finer than what is used for espresso but not coarse either. This fine balance can only be found by trial and error!
  • Add the coffee ground to the press and add water, in a ratio of about 1:5. The more water you add the more diluted the concentration you get. If you want a concentration that you can store in the fridge for later use, then add less water. This produces a strong concentrate that you can dilute later.
  • Stir to make sure everything is mixed well.
  • Add ice to the mixture and leave it outside on the countertop or in the refrigerator. Make sure it is covered with a lid. It will take from 12 hours when you leave it outside and 24 hours if left in the fridge.
  • In the morning, plunge the handle to force the grounds to the bottom.
  • In a glass, fill with milk, ice cubes, and as much concentrate as you love!
  • Enjoy your glass of cold brew!

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